“My sessions helped me more than any other form of therapy I had used before. Laurent is brilliant at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone considering hypnotherapy sessions.

It’ll change your life, as it has mine!”

“I had been struggling to give up smoking for years. I’d start and stop constantly. Found it impossible to not smoke in social situations. After only a couple of sessions I’m now a non smoker. I have no desire to smoke in any situation. I’m more motivated and feel fantastic.

I’d recommend it to anybody that is having a difficult time giving up.”

“I was referred to Laurent by my psychologist who believed that I would benefit from his hypnotherapy treatment.

After a few sessions, I can honestly say my life has changed.

Laurent has given me the help and guidance i’ve desperately needed both on a conscious and sub-conscious level. I’m grateful for the level of comfort, understanding and clarity he has provided in each session, especially during times when I felt like I wasn’t making any sense, or when I felt like there was absolutely no solution to my problems.

I can’t recommend his services highly enough. Thanks again Laurent.”

“I was a skeptic when it came to hypnotherapy until I saw Laurent. Hypotherapy works 100% for me in wanting to quit smoking after 25 years. Even in the first few days after quiting, I had no withdrawal side effects like before when I try to stop on my own. I was amazed on how easy the process was.” 

“I highly recommend hypnotherapy to everyone who is trying to get rid of a bad habit.” 

“My communication skills have gotten so much better professionally and socially/personally. I noticed the change at work when I had to address a group. I was calm and relax in my delivery.

I’m thrilled with my results. Thank you so very much.”

“I was a little skeptical about hypnotherapy but after my first consultation with Laurent I felt very comfortable about the whole process. Laurent was incredibly easy to talk to and I felt that he was fully committed to helping me with my problems. I finished up feeling confident and happy about some tough decisions I had to make and that the pattern of bad habits was finally broken. 

I would definitely recommend Laurent and his services to anyone wanting to break bad habits or find the confidence to tackle difficult situations.” 

*All names withheld on request for privacy