In addition to my services, I work closely with Clinical Psychotherapist Jeff Roberts.

We support each other’s clients where necessary. Sometimes the best approach is a combination of Clinical Psychology with Hypnosis. It’s our belief that having the resources the clients need is paramount, whatever part of the mind that requires work. Following is his information. You can contact Jeff on 0431 679 591. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Roberts Clinical Psychologist

B.A. Psych. M.A. App Psych. (Clin)

Jeff Roberts is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 20 years experience in counselling, working in a variety of mental health settings in Australia and overseas. Jeff specializes in men’s health, and is also experienced working with the GLBTG community on a range of  issues including depression, anxiety, sexual health and interpersonal difficulties. 

Jeff has experience working with the corporate sector, providing coaching, training and leadership development.

Specialty areas including cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution focused brief therapy and mindfulness approaches to ensure efficient and long lasting results.


Jeff Roberts completed a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Western Australia in 1988. He then completed his Master of Applied Clinical Psychology at Murdoch University in 1996. Jeff is registered with the Psychologists Board of Victoria and is a full member of the APS.

Areas of expertise

Men’s Health
Mens sex and porn addictions
Depression and Anxiety
Interpersonal problems
Self-esteem and self worth issues
Workplace stress and related issues
Adjustment issues


Medicare rebates available

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