About me


Graduate Cert IV in Hypnotherapy from the Academy of Hypnotic Science (AHS)
Certificate of Power Hypnosis from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis (AAH)
Certificate of Ego State Therapy (Dr Gordon Emerson)


Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA: Founded 1949)
Graduate member of the AHS
Graduate member of the AAH


I’ve always been fascinated by hypnosis. The idea that we can tap into something in the mind that has almost limitless potential, the ability to influence emotional and physical health, the way people seem to be able to do extraordinary feats when the conscious (reasoning, critical) mind is put aside.

Having seen it in action on so many levels, I had to learn it, harness it and understand it. It was like looking under the hood of the car, and knowing how everything works. It’s gone from a curiosity to a passion.

After Graduating from the AHS (government accredited course) as a certified hypnotherapist, I underwent further training with prominent Australian hypnotist Rick Collingwood at the AAH, gaining experience and skills in advanced hypnotic techniques, and Gordon Emerson (Ego State Therapy). I have also studied the working systems and techniques of Gerald Kein, Dave Elman, Milton Erickson, Jeffrey Stephens, and Igor Ledechowski. Each of them successful in a variety of techniques, and influential teachers of the power of healing through the subconscious mind.

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