Here’s What Happens When You Black Out: ‘Transient Amnesia’ Blocks Short-Term Memory Formation

The science of blacking out. Not a loss of consciousness so much as failure to form memories. - by F. Kaskais

sobo brain By John Ericson

Hyperbole in the 2010s comes in clinical terms: Today, we are paranoid about bills, addicted to espresso, and schizophrenic about life choices.

Usually, this usage is a sure way of telling that the person talking does not suffer from any of these afflictions. The hallmark of paranoia, after all, is a refusal to acknowledge that one is being, well, paranoid. But there is one instance that appears to be just as commonplace as the rhetoric would have you believe.

Blacking Out

People say they black out all the time: at parties, during arguments, while taking tests, and under distress in general. Some blame alcohol. Others claim to be overcome by something they cannot quite pin down. Either way, it raises the question: What really happens?

For your reference, here’s a picture of the human brain. We’ll be talking quite a bit about it, so make sure you…

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